Physical and Chemical changes-

An NGSS lesson on modeling phase changes by the 8th grade teachers at the 10/22/13 training

Dissolve different salts and then evaporate to get it back. – if you mass the salts before and after it starts to build the concept of conservation of mass.

Sherri S.-Electrocute the pickle- You can physically change a pickle by cutting or smashing it- you can chemically change a pickle by putting two 110V leads into it and plugging it in - the kids will make lots of good observations- this is potentially very dangerous- if you are not comfortable working with electricty- don't try it!

Sherri S.- using paper cut-outs to build chemical compounds.

Pete- atomic dating game- Boys are metals atoms and get a number of corks equal to the number of electrons they want to get rid of. Girls are non metals and need a certain number of corks. Play the dating game theme music (find a video at it is not blocked). It works like musical chairs- those not paired up when the music stops sit down- what chemical compounds have you created?

Kevin K's worksheet and counting template for the Molecular models-

Dave- This lab burns-

Make concentrated copper chloride solution and add aluminum foil tubes- you will get a vigorous reaction producing Copper and hydrogen gas which can be lit with a splint. -Use goggles and aprons! Dave Zs write up-

Challenge students to take a nail home for a week and see who can bring it back the most rusted- they must do one treatment only.

Use molecule ball and stick kits to model simple balanced reactions like methane or hydrogen burning- Build the reactants, then take them apart to build the products.

Two conservation of mass labs from Dave Z-

Polymers- engineering silly puttyLets Make Silly Putty

Acids and Bases-

Alien Juice bar- online game.
Determine the ph of foods.
Dave Z- acid base worksheet

Dave Z demo- take 2 big graduated cylinders full of water with a little NaOH solution added- Add Bromothymol Blue to one Phenylpthalien to the other. One will be now be blue and the other pink. Throw a chunk of dry ice in each ans watch the color change. Keep adding NaOH to bring it back.- very cool visual!

Alien Juice bar website and game- Alien Juics bar

Periodic Table-

Little men periodic table introduction activity-

DaveZ- gives each kid an element and has the kids build a human periodic table- he times them for speed.