Here are some food web cards for the local desert, since harcourt doesn't provide any. They are in power-point format. To make food web cards, print them as handouts- 2 slides per page.

Hurricane tracking for 5th grade weather. A good maps to track Hurricanes can be found at . A different map (bigger numbers but also busier) is at . The numbers of the latitude and longitude lines are small so you might have to help your kids fill them in. Data on current and past hurricanes to use for tracking can be found at; A good set of instructions with some sample data can be found at;

Here is a water cycle dice game. Post the cards around the room. Kids work in pairs to play a water molecule and start at any card. they roll dice and then number tells them where to go next. Kids do this for 12 to 20 turns and then can discuss where they went, if they got stuck anywhere, where they spent the most time. They can write a story about their adventure as a water molecule.
Little men Periodic table activity